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Dec 3, 2012 7:00am PST
congress to get funding. oberstar: we need to restore the construction grant program. we need to invest substantially more, on the federal government side, as an inducement to states and local governments to make the investments they need to make. man: but the federal role is going to continue to be diminished because of so many competing demands. so the expectation that the federal government will step in and infuse a lot of capital into water infrastructure, i think, is doubtful. and whether they should or not, i think, will continue to be debated. narrator: where money continues to be elusive, some cities and towns are turning their assets over to private companies, hoping the private sector can find the solutions they cannot. man: in the u.s., roughly 90% of all water and wastewater systems are still publicly owned and publicly managed. the remaining 10% are managed by privately held companies. man: the private sector has learned to become very efficient, and frequently a municipality can save themselves a significant amount of money by bringing in a private company. this is not tru
Dec 3, 2012 6:30am PST
their treatment plants with this grant money. oberstar: but even a decade after it was enacted, the reagan administration came in and cut the grant program to a loan program. and funding diminished over a period of time. now, we still have 1/3 or more of the nation's streams and lakes that don't meet the standards of the clean water act. we have to advance the cause. that is the big challenge ahead of us. you just don't think of raw sewage in waterways in a developed country, and yet, that's what we have, and not just in pittsburgh, but all over. narrator: pittsburgh is situated at the confluence of the allegheny, monongahela, and ohio rivers. these three rivers are vital for industry, recreation, and drinking water. and each year, billions of gallons of combined sewer overflows discharge directly into those rivers. hecht: we're now having to face the consequences of the choice that was made to put in combined sewer systems. narrator: in 1994, the government adopted a combined sewer overflow policy to reduce csos nationwide. cities with combined sewer overflows now face an enforcement acti
Dec 1, 2012 4:30pm EST
with myself, mr. oberstar, and we had great cooperation from both sides of the aisle. we passed the legislation called priia, passenger rail investment. authorization for passenger rail, which is right now the guideline we go by and the authorization. if it wasn't for her dedication, commitment, and incredible knowledge. i just think of the knowledge that will be lost when she leaves her position, we couldn't have achieved that. so, joyce, on behalf of the majority side, which we have had the privilege to have you working with us, and again from mr. cummings and the minority side, we are just eternally grateful. and we are paying a little special tribute to you today. and thank you again for your service. god bless you. >> i thank you for scheduling today's hearing. following the release in 2005 by the g.a.o. of a report entitled "amtrak management systemic problems require actions to improve efficiency effectiveness, accountability" that was the name of the report, i was asked by then ranking member oberstar to serve as the lead democrat on the special working group convened by
Dec 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
served when making your shuster who is the chair and i heard all of tim oberstar's lectures as you have a very long period of time. he accomplish in a short period of time as chair of the committee is extraordinary. a transportation bellemont as long as either one of us wanted, but it's a good bill. an faa bill is a good bill. we couldn't do the work we do at the department of transportation at the leadership of this committee and your chairmanship over the last time that we've been together. so you've done a lot and you have a lot to be proud to. we haven't agreed on everything, but we've agreed on most things because we agree how important transportation is for america. i want to offer my words of congratulations to you i may also want to say a word as a former staffer of 17 years around here. jim kunz and his team really did a good job on both bills and a lot of other things and i know jim is moving onto bigger and better things, but to office staff to work on this committee, you're the ones that do the work and we appreciate all of you also. so to the chairman in the ranking member,
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)